19th Foundation Anniversary of EMT


  EMTOMEGA Co., Ltd celebrated its 19th anniversary since its foundation in 2004, and held an The 19th anniversary event on Wednesday, June 14. 


Park Eun-hee, deputy director of the management support office, and Lee Hee-jae, deputy director of the S/W Room 3, won the commendation for the outstanding employees who contributed to the development of the company, and a small amount of prize money was paid.


On the occasion of its 19th anniversary, CEO Lee Jin-guk praised executives and employees for their hard work in helping EMTOMEGA Co., Ltd grow so far and expressed expectations that it will continue to grow as a world-class company and be a chance to leap forward again through KOSDAQ listing in 2023.


 Finally, we wrapped up the founding celebration with a commemorative photo.