The people we're looking for

  • Positive Thinking

    The person who has right values and positive thinking, able to practice the virtues of good faith, integrity, and honesty

  • A Strong Sense of Goal

    The person who has a strong sense of goal and positive attitude, can work in teamwork to achieve organizational goals with ambition and fortitude

  • Future-Oriented Mind

    The person who has a future-oriented and enterprising mind, always ready in an ever-changing environment of self-development.

The welfare we're seeking for

  • Stay Healthy

    4 major social insurance guaranteed

    Regular medical check up for all staffs

    Supporting for any sports activities

  • Keep Growing

    Supporting for government mandatory education programs

    Supporting employees for foreign language lessons

    Awarding great performance staff

    Supporting for job training

    Financial support for buying books

  • Being Together

    Holiday gifts

    Financial support and leaves for all kinds of family events (weddings, funerals, birthdays, etc)

    Maternity / Parental leave guaranteed

    Financial support for 100% college tuition

  • Having Fun

    Supporting for all club activities

    Supporting for team's work dinner, year-end party and workshops

    Providing condos and resorts by company membership

    Running In-house caffe

    Rewarding system for hiring by internal recommendation