Award as Small but Visionary Company by IBK

A total of 1,475 companies have been selected for the "Small but Visionary Company" system, which was selected by MTOMEGA Co., Ltd. since its first implementation in 2010.
It is a program to foster Small but Visionary Company with global technology competitiveness and to help them become Small but Visionary Company.
This year, 430 companies applied for IBK Small but Visionary Company, and a total of 110 companies were finally selected through comprehensive evaluation and screening.
An official from IBK said, "Small but Visionary Company selected this time have been selected as companies with excellent potential and technology skills, such as average annual sales growth rate of 51.5% and technology credit rating of T3 or higher over the past three years.
In addition, he mentioned that he will first support exclusive loan products and various non-price services for the growth of the company.