The selection of ‘world-class products of Korea’ in 2022


The selection of ‘World Class Products of Korea’ in 2022

(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, KOTRA)


The 'Current World Class Product of Korea' in which the black box of MTOMEGA Co., Ltd. was selected as the highest certification among the awards of 'World Class products of Korea' and was selected from July this year.


 In addition, the black box sector where MTOMEGA was selected this time was frequently challenged by various companies of the same kind, and it is significant that MTOMEGA is the first company to be named in the black box sector of the 'Current World Class Product of Korea' that has been implemented for 21 years.


 Currently, a total of 687 companies selected for the 'World Class products of Korea' are Samsung Electronics (D-RAM), SK Hynix (D-RAM), Hyundai Heavy Industries (LNG carrier), Samsung Display (TFT-LCD), Hyundai Submission (H-type steel), Doosan Heavy Industries (Seawater Fresh Water Facility), Hyundai Motor, and LG Electronics (Color Monitor).


 Companies selected as 'World Class products of Korea' are given privileges to use the 'World Class products of Korea' logo on their own brand products for the purpose of guaranteeing that the products produced by the company are state-recognized products such as certificates, technology development, market security, financial financing, consulting, and other rewards.


The "World-class Product" promotion project, organized by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and officially organized by the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), is a certification given to companies that produce world-class products in each field. 


 'World Class products of Korea' consist of 'Current World Class products of Korea' and 'next-generation World Class products of Korea', 'current' is within the top 5 and 5% of the global market share, and 'next-generation' is a product that must meet certain conditions, and the purpose is to select products that are likely to be within the top 5 of the global market share within 7 years.


 On November 18 (Fri), Lotte Hotel Seoul attended the ceremony to present the certificate of World Class products of Korea', attended by mid-sized business policy officer of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, KOTRA president, executives of related agencies, and selected companies.