Patent for Black box camera focusing inspection method and device

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  The World's fastest boot-up and recording (0.7 seconds),A large number of patents (Patent No. 10-1406841, 15532377, 1736788, 1736789) on the storage and operation of black box recording files (KS certification) Parking recording technology (Patent No. 10-1750691), Multipurpose stand (Patent No. 10-2141335), Frequency analysis method of radar detector and its performance device (Patent No. 10-2310372), Harmonic dual-band frequency mixer (Patent No. 10-2337322), Directional coupler antenna (Patent No. 10-2392228), and wide beam width antenna device (Patent No. 10-2407898)

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  Due to continuous technology development, we obtained a Patent for Black box camera focusing inspection method and device in August this year.



  More specifically, when checking the camera focusing function for black boxes, the key is to prevent human errors even if they are not skilled workers by using an algorithm that allows workers to quickly operate the focusing check.



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