Patent for Antenna Device for Black Box for Outputting Width of Beam


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  The world's fastest boot-up and recording time (0.7 seconds) and has a large number of patents for storing and operating black box recording files (patent No. 10-1406841, 1553237, 173688, 1736789) technology for falsifying and detecting modulation of recording files (patent No. 10-1750691), multi-purpose radar 1037-2365), Japanese frequency analysis (patent No.10365), Japanese It provides a variety of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and has vehicle tracking and driving management technologies based on location recognition.



  Due to continuous technology development, we obtained a patent for antenna devices for black boxes to output wide beam widths in June this year.



  More specifically, the improvement of the antenna for the black box is key to narrow the gap between the two array antenna units to increase the beam width when operating as two array antennas, and to output a wide beam width that allows only one switch to operate as one of the array antenna.



  EMTOMEGA Co., Ltd. will continue to do its best to develop various types of radar antennas and false alarm avoidance technologies, ADAS technology applied with AI, SMART CAMERA, DMS development, and IoT technology to develop new technologies for the future.