18th Foundation Anniversary of EMT



  EMTOMEGA Co., Ltd celebrated its 18th anniversary since its foundation in 2004, and held an The 18th anniversary event on Tuesday, June 14. 



  Kim Ki-Moon, deputy director of Business Room 1, and Ko Jae-Chan, deputy director of M/E Room, won the commendation for the outstanding employees who contributed to the company's development, and the prize money of 2 million won and the plaque delivery ceremony was held.



  At this meeting, CEO Lee Jin-Guk highly appreciated the potential of the EMTOMEGA, which marks the 18th anniversary of its foundation, and praised the hard work of the employees.



  CEO Lee Jin-Guk cited the "2020 Corporate Destruction Administrative Statistics" data released by the National Statistical Office, saying, "The 5th-year survival rate of startups is only 32.1%, but EMTOMEGA Co., Ltd has continued to grow remarkably, and if all its employees unite to overcome external crises and develop through constant self-innovation, it will be able to make a higher leap forward through the listing of KOSDAQ in 2023.



  In addition, we once again urged all members to work together to grow into a truly world class company based on the best technology in the field of In-Car ICT products with innovative technology and quality based on mutual trust and print.



  Finally, EMTOMEGA wrapped up the founding celebration with a commemorative photo.