Patent for Antenna Device with Isolation property using Directional coupler



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It implements the world's fastest booting and recording time (0.7 seconds), holds a large number of patents on the storage and operation of black box recordings (patent 10-1406841, 1553237, 1736789) Technology for forgery and modulation detection (KS certified) Parking technology (Patent 10-1750691), Multipurpose cradle(patent 10-2141335, patent in Japan 6818926), Radar detectors' frequency analysis methods and their performance devices (Patent No. 10-2310372) provide industry-leading advanced driver support systems (ADAS).  


Following continuous technology development, it obtained a Patent for Antenna Device with Isolation property using Directional coupler.


 In order to improve the reliability degradation of the received signal due to fading, shading, radio wave attenuation, etc. in a wireless communication environment, a gap between the Tx receiving antenna and the Rx receiving antenna is narrowed, and a reverse phase signal of the same size is removed. 


In the future, EMTOMEGA Co., Ltd. will continue to do its best to develop various types of radar antennas and false alarm avoidance technologies, ADAS technology applied with AI, SMART CAMERA, DMS development, and IoT technology to develop new technologies for the future.